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Sonora Sunset and Sterling 2-Stone Pendant with 2
Strands of Carnelian, Jade, Smoky Quartz & Sterling

This vibrant Necklace showcases a Sonora Sunset and Sterling Two-Stone Pendant by Metalsmith Jim Daggett. Sonora Sunset -- a rare material discovered two years ago in Sonora, Mexico -- is comprised of Cuprite, Chrysocolla, and Tenorite, giving the Stone is Orangey Red, Green and Black coloring. The two Sonora Sunset Stones are highlighted by Three Sterling Silver Balls, and the Pendant hangs from a custom Bail.  The back of the Pendant is stamped with the artist’s hallmark and “Sterling.” We’ve matched the Pendant with two strands of red-orange Carnelian Barrel Beads, dark green Jade, and glossy Smoky Quartz. On either side of the Pendant are two 14mm Sterling Rounds with a “Moon and Star” motif. The stones are further highlighted by 7 and 10mm Sterling Silver Rounds, adding contrast and sparkle.  The Necklace is finished with Sterling Cones and a Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.  It is adorned with a Sterling “Southwest Designs” Charm. The Necklace weighs 105 grams, and is 18-1/2 inches long.  The Pendant is 2-3/4” tall by 1-1/8” wide including a 1/2” bail.

$239 (This Necklace has been SOLD)

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