Welcome to Southwest Designs!

Welcome to Southwest Designs new website!

The website has undergone a complete overhaul, including moving to a new e-commerce platform (Shopify)
and a new new design Theme, to allow us to conform to current "relational" browsing standards.

Websites built with relational technology have the ability to re-size to fit the viewing device, whether mobile phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop computer. So if you view Southwest Designs on your mobile phone, you will no longer have to scroll around to view each page. The page will automatically re-size and re-order itself to fit your screen.

This has been a 2-month project to date and I am still making changes, adding products and other content. There are also several features I'd like to add, such as the ability to zoom product photos. Our current design Theme does not automatically support zoom so this will have to be custom coded. But for now the site is substantially complete, including our latest Jewelry designs.

We welcome your input on the site and please let us know if you find any errors, or have trouble navigating from page to page or product to product. Like any new design we'll likely have a few bugs to work out.

Thank you for supporting Southwest Designs and allowing Jim and I to continue our passion of crafting original, one-of-a-kind Jewelry Art.  We couldn't do it without you!

Lisa Daggett

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