36mm Sterling Silver and Copper 2-Sided Pendant with 3 Strands of Coral Ovals, Handcrafted Beads and Sterling Silver

Coral Nugget Necklace with Sterling Silver & Copper Pendant Coral Nugget Necklace with Sterling Silver and Copper Pendant Coral Nugget Necklace with Sterling Silver and Copper Pendant Sterling Silver and Copper Pendant Necklace with Coral Nuggets

This vibrant Necklace displays a 36mm Sterling and Copper Pendant by Nevada Silversmith Jim Daggett. The Pendant is 2-sided, with each side displaying a traditional Navajo design. One side has Hammered Sterling applied over a Copper base with a cut-out of three Interlinked Crescent Moons; the second side has two Interlinked Sterling Circles displayed on a Polished Copper base. The Hammered Sterling has attractive texture and patterns, contrasting nicely with the polished metals. The Pendant is suspended on a Sterling Silver Pin and flanked at both ends by Sterling Silver Rounds.

We’ve paired the Pendant with three strands of vibrant 9-by-10mm Bamboo Coral Ovals. The Coral is highlighted by 8mm Sterling Silver Bicones, 14mm and 17mm Sterling Teardrops, 8mm polished Copper Rounds, Copper Bead Caps, and Sterling Kite Dangles. The sparkling Copper and Sterling is a wonderful counterpoint to the richly colored Coral. At the top of the Necklace the three strands of Coral transition to a single strand of 14-by-17mm Flat-Sided Coral Nuggets, streamlining the design. The transition point is distinguished by two 20mm Handcrafted Beads, which are Sterling Silver overlaid on Copper. Each side of each bead has a unique pattern, enhancing the artistry of the design. The Necklace is finished with Sterling Silver Cones and a Hammered Sterling Toggle Clasp, and adorned with a Southwest Designs Copper Charm. It weighs 163 grams and is 23-1/4 inches long (when wearing, a vertical length of about 10 inches). The Pendant is 36mm in diameter, or approximately 1-1/2 inches.

$ 299.00

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