Mask Lanyards

Simplify your day with Southwest Designs' new Collection of Mask Lanyards! These versatile Necklaces will handle the daily management of your mask with ease. No more searching for the pocket or drawer where you last placed it; our Mask Lanyards keep it safely around your neck. Each Lanyard is approximately 23 to 24 inches long and comes with two 12-by-23mm Silver Metal Lobster Clasps that attach securely to the straps on each side of your mask. When you remove your mask, the Lanyard holds it in front of you. 

The Lanyard can also be worn as a Necklace on its own. Simply join the Lobster Clasps together behind your neck and off you go! Or wrap the Lanyard 3 times around your wrist for a graceful Bracelet.

Each Mask Lanyard is meticulously crafted from Gemstones, Specialty Glass and Sterling Silver or Silver Plated Beads. They are quality pieces made in limited editions of 2 to 4, depending on material availability.