Artist Show and Sale — October 27, 2016

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to purchase handcrafted works from both Jill Altmann Design and Southwest Designs. We are jointly showcasing Jill Altmann's dyed, handwoven and knit clothing — including one-of-a-kind jackets and sweaters — along with Southwest Designs custom Jewelry.

This show will be held at Jill Altmann's Studio in South Reno and is limited in participation. If you have not already received an invitation and are interested in attending, please contact Lisa Daggett at, or (775) 782-6757. For more information on Jill Altmann's textiles and clothing visit Jill Altmann Design.

The pictures below show Jill Altmann's clothing paired with Southwest Designs Jewelry and are representative of the work that will be available for sale.







You can also view Southwest Designs Jewelry on the following sites: