SOUTHWEST DESIGNS is all about incredible Jewelry — distinctive pieces that embody the spirit and artistry of the Western U.S.  We create one-of-a-kind, custom designs that deliver exceptional visual impact and value. 
Jewelry that is captivating and timeless.

  • We personally handcraft all Jewelry in the four Southwest Designs Collections, pairing semiprecious gemstones & sterling silver with uncommon materials to create pieces with singular character and style. 
  • We use the highest-quality materials to ensure our Customers receive not only a compelling piece of Jewelry, but one that is constructed for a lifetime of wear.
  • We employ meticulous craftsmanship in every part of every piece to deliver a finished product that is exceptional in appearance, durability and value.
  • We produce Jewelry with a "wow factor" that speaks for itself. Jewelry that stands out in a crowd.

These tenets drive our uncompromising work. We hope you will share our journey. To view the Southwest Designs Jewelry Collections click on the photos below, or select the Jewelry link from the Main Menu. Thank you for your interest.