Shipping Information

Southwest Designs offers our Jewelry Customers FREE Shipping to destinations in the Continental U.S. This covers packages shipped by the United States Postal Service using First Class Mail, insured for full value. It applies to your entire order; that is, if you purchase 3 items they are all shipped for FREE. We also offer Priority Mail shipment, fully insured, within the Continental U.S. for a reduced rate of $4.95. These 2 options accrue savings to our Customers of anywhere between $10.00 and $30 (depending on the value of the shipment, which impacts the insurance fee). We typically ship your Jewelry within 24 hours of receiving your order. Both First Class and Priority Mail offer a swift and secure means of delivering your Jewelry.

Shipping to Canada: We ship to Canada at Registered Mail rates ranging from $15 to $25 depending on the weight of the package. These rates are subsidized but still expensive given Canada laws. Canada considers Jewelry to be a restricted item; this requires both a 1st Class International Shipping fee and a Registered Mail fee. There are also limitations on value and the size of a package. This substantially increases shipping cost. For example, a 10-ounce package containing Jewelry valued at $389 mailed from Genoa, NV to Gormley, Ontario would have a total 1st Class Registered shipping cost of $29.45. If you wish to purchase Jewelry from Southwest Designs but find the Canada shipping rates to be prohibitive, please Contact Us to discuss. We'll make it happen!