About Us

I have written and re-written this “About Us” section at least a half a dozen times, and each time it seemed too rambling. So, here is an 8-point summary — followed by rambling! If you're in a hurry, just read the first part...


  1. Since founding Southwest Designs in 2009, Jim and I have been committed to offering unique Jewelry that is outstanding in design and workmanship yet affordable for our Customers.

  2. We do original design – each piece of our Jewelry is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. We collaborate as a 2-person team.

  3. The quality of our work is uncompromising, and our Customers agree. Visit our Customer Reviews page to read testimonials from satisfied Customers. (This page can be found in the website main menu under "More Info.")

  4. We guarantee our Jewelry for workmanship, durability and high-quality materials content.

          We use .925 Sterling Silver, .935 Argentium Silver, .999 Hill Tribe Silver, or Pure Silver in our designs.

          We purchase and employ high-grade turquoise, coral, amber, spiny oyster shell and other semi-precious stones.

              We test findings and other raw materials to ensure they are reliable and will stand the test of time.

              We are meticulous in our work process and employ complex Jewelry-making techniques to achieve optimal results.

        5. We are located in Genoa, NV, but sell our Jewelry at Art Shows across the U.S., at private events, and from our website.

     We have recently placed our Jewelry at a new retail store in downtown Genoa — Gallery on Main. This landmark store will feature the work of numerous local artists, including Jewelry, Fine Art, Mosaics/Pottery, Sculpture, Photography, rare Gems & Mineral and more. Visit us at 2292 Main St., Ste. 3 & 4, Genoa, NV  89411.

        6. We invest time and energy in continuous learning to consistently improve the substance of our work.

        7. Head to head, Southwest Designs offers our Customers outstanding value. Similar product from competitors can cost many times more.

        8. Bottom line: Custom, Handcrafted, One-Of-A-Kind, Original Design, Exceptional Value, Proven Jewelry-Making Techniques.

    Lisa & Jim Daggett, Genoa, NV

    Jim and I have a passion for designing and handcrafting custom Jewelry, something we've been dedicated to since creating Southwest Designs in 2009. Inspired by Native American artists in Arizona and New Mexico, we invested time and energy in learning proven and traditional Jewelry-making techniques. This included tool acquisition and training, mastering silverwork, and acquiring high-quality turquoise, coral and other gemstones to complete our envisioned designs.

    It has been a continuous learning process and artistic journey with assistance from many other artists along the way. Over time, we have imagined and built a portfolio of increasingly sophisticated Jewelry designs, emphasizing high-end materials and extensive labor content. While much of our Jewelry continues to embrace Southwest themes, our works also include non-traditional pieces incorporating mixed metals and uncommon or rare gemstones from around the world. We describe our work as "Jewelry Art," as each piece is unique, authentic and timeless.

    Today our home base is Genoa, Nevada, a historic and scenic area in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The people, places and unique character of this region support our ongoing enthusiasm for custom Jewelry design and creation. Jim is Southwest Designs' resident Silversmith and Lapidarian, cutting gemstones, melding sterling silver and copper, and handcrafting one-of-a-kind cabochons, pendants, rings, earrings and beads. As Designer, I carry Jim's work to the next stage, integrating his pieces with semi-precious stones and other engaging components to create finished necklaces, bracelets and chains with distinctive character.

    Each piece of Southwest Designs Jewelry is painstakingly crafted and no two are identical. We make Jewelry that is beautiful, bold and expressive. We are committed to quality, wearability, and to offering our customers value at competitive prices.

    Southwest Designs Jewelry reflects our vision for uncompromising, handcrafted Jewelry Art. We hope you'll share it.

    Lisa Daggett, Principal & Designer; lisa@southwest-designs.com

      Southwest Designs
      PO Box 1165
      Genoa, NV  89411
      (775) 782-6757

      You can also view our Jewelry on the following sites:
      Retail Location:  The Gallery on Main, 2292 Main St., Genoa, NV; (775) 392-4377
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