Sterling Silver 11.6mm Byzantine Link Bracelet with 18mm Sterling Spring Ring Clasp

Sterling Silver 11.6mm Byzantine Link Bracelet Sterling Silver 11.6mm Byzantine Link Bracelet

This impressive Sterling Silver Bracelet was handcrafted using 11.6mm diameter polished Sterling Silver Rings (a bit less than 1/2 inch). The Rings are woven, forming a chain pattern known as “Byzantine Link.” The Byzantine pattern creates a “rolled” Bracelet chain that is striking in appearance yet extremely comfortable to wear. For the closure, we’ve used an 18mm Sterling Silver Spring-Ring Clasp, which is both attractive and very secure. The Bracelet is finished with a SWD Sterling Silver Charm (not shown). The piece weighs 90 grams and is 7-3/4 inches long.

This Chain Maille Bracelet is also offered in 7mm- and 9.2mm-diameter Sterling Rings:

Note:  Chain Maille Bracelets and Necklaces are semi-custom; we may create more than one of each piece based on customer demand. These pieces can be ordered or adjusted to a specific length, typically in 1/4-inch increments. Though semi-custom, our Chain Maille Jewelry is handcrafted and undergoes the same rigorous quality and design review we afford our custom pieces.

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